ABP – Ellesmere

Value – £3,365,000.00

Status – Completed, on site since 2014

Erneside Engineering were awarded the design & build contract to refurbish the ABP facility, including the installation of a CHP plant, in Ellesmere, U.K.

The project involved:

  • Installation of new boiler house containing 2no. 2500kW hot water boilers
  • 2000kg/hr steam boiler and associated plant
  • 700litre water softener skid setup
  • Bespoke hot wash skid and low loss header
  • Piping of 45deg, 65deg, & 90deg water from the wash skid out to the plant
  • Installation of natural gas, cold water & compressor pipework
  • Installation of compressed air plant & ventilation services

Erneside installed a new Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant at Ellesmere, which runs on on a combination of bio-fuel derived from used cooking oils, and oil derived from the refinement of recovered animal fats during processing at the site.

This allows the facility to generate all of its own heating needs and up to 100% of its electricity. ABP Ellesmere is now one of Europe’s most advanced, efficient and sustainable beef processing operations, and the first beef processing facility in Europe to be certified a Carbon Neutral building, as a result of the CHP unit installed by Erneside Engineering.



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