Modular Fabrication

Erneside offer full in-house capabilities to produce modular units for industrial applications. We specialise in the design and fabrication of off-site water and refrigeration skids from our workshops based in Lissarda.

All associated mechanical wiring is completed by us to create drop-in packages, resulting in minimal site work.

This ability to provide a turnkey package at our premises allows us to reduce costs and time, while increasing quality. These savings are then able to be passed on to the client.

We are proud of our ability to provide full off-site packages from our workshops allowing us full control over supply of components, fabrication, assembly, & delivery.

Erneside Engineering have particular experience in providing pre-packaged plantrooms. These consist of a compact boiler setup, including boilers, distribution panels, expansion vessels, storage tanks and boiler control systems all packaged in a container. We fabricate & assemble all necessary pipework, components & plant, and package the container at our workshops in Lissarda. All pressure testing & weld inspection can be completed at our premises.

The plantroom is dropped as a complete unit into site and tied in to the building services. This results in a very competitive package with reduced site work and a higher quality setup.

Recent Projects